Do you prefer to go to a sandy beach? Then Senigallia is the easiest choice. Most of our guests will find a place among the countless positions that appeals to them. Some choose sports and game options (for example volleyball court, trampoline, swimming pool, climbing equipment, toddler paradise etc.), others choose a bit more chic looking for a culinary lunch (for example Oggi), still others want their dog with them. Dogs are welcome at Baia Canaria and even dog ice cream is available. However, dogs are not allowed into the sea.

The city of Senigallia is also worth a visit. Visit the old castle with museum, stroll through the shopping streets, eat a delicious ice cream, grab a terrace or eat there. Our tips:

  • Aniko’ is a hip culinary restaurant. Aniko’ is the ‘sister’ of various star restaurants in the surrounding area. Look at
  • La Tartana (culinair-vis);
  • Picchiapò (Typical Roman dishes);
  • Bistrot Uliassi (formal).

DAYRates by Accommodation

Seasons 2023-2024

Preseason (low):
27 april 2024 till 6 juli 2024
Postseason (low):
9 september 2023 till 29 oktober 2023
31 augustus 2024 till 26 oktober 2024
Summer Season (high):
6 juli 2024 till 31 Augustus 2024


€ 181.50
€ 209,00
€ 126.50
€ 104.50
€ 104.50
€ 209,00

€ 209,00
€ 236.50
€ 154,00
€ 132,00
€ 132,00
€ 236.50

  • The prices listed here are incl. 10 % BTW (Part.IVA))
  • In Monte Roberto, where we are located, you do not pay tourist tax.
  • Booking & Administration fees are €12.50 per booking. These are added at the end of the booking process.
  • Starting September 1, 2023, loyal guests and readers of our newsletter can already book for next calendar year.